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Matt's Story

Matt is a public speaker, an author, a mentor, a substance abuse counselor, a father, a son, a husband, former chairman of a non-profit organization focused on recovery and a college graduate. Matt is also a recovering heroin addict.

Matt grew up in the Greater Cincinnati area, which has become known as one of the deadliest areas in the United States in terms of drug overdoses. At 13 years old, Matt traded in his good life as an only child of a Southern Baptist preacher and began to seek approval from others by using drugs. Matt’s drug use escalated quickly from pot, to cocaine, to crack, to opiate pain killers and eventually, to heroin and the needle.

After spending years as a “needle junky”, through multiple jail sentences, rehabs, homelessness and attempted suicide, Matt’s life was saved in 2013 due to Casey’s Law, a statewide law in Kentucky allowing family or friends of the substance abuser to have them court ordered into treatment.

Since Matt has reclaimed his life, he is now dedicated to providing a message of hope to those with a substance use disorder as well as their family, friends and children. Matt is one of the most requested public speakers in the Greater Cincinnati area on the topic of addiction and recovery. Through his tireless efforts, Matt has worked with thousands of individuals and families, restoring hope and providing resources to those desperate to re-build their lives.

Combining Matt’s life as a drug addict, his recovery, his education and his experience as a substance abuse counselor, Matt brings a “Powerful”, “Encouraging” and “Amazing” message to his audience.

Matt’s mission is simple: To break barriers, remove stigma and provide life saving information and resources to those fighting for their lives.

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