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Back On Trackmarks by Matt Peterson

Addiction is a topic that has become far too common within our communities. There is a good chance that addiction has impacted your own life in some way. Perhaps you were stolen from so that an addict could get his or her next fix. Maybe your friend or family member struggles with substance abuse. Maybe it is YOU? BACK ON TRACKmarks is a book about how one young man went from being a well-raised son of a southern Baptist preacher, to a hopeless heroin addict. Love, friendship, partying, drugs, and death. This book goes through, in detail, how Matt was first introduced to opiate pain killers and how his addiction progressed into a heroin addiction that took years away from his friends, family and himself. This book also covers exactly how he was able to recover from his heroin addiction, defines the difference between loving and enabling an addict, different treatment options and advice from Matt's parents and wife. If you are looking for hope, guidance, support or just a great story, BACK ON TRACKmarks is a must read.

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Back on TRACKmarks by Matt Peterson

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