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Matt Peterson | Recovery | Media Coverage

Matt shares his story with recovery rockstar, Aaron Laine.

Listen to Matt's story on Stigmatized

WLWT5: Cincinnati News

Featuring Matt Peterson

NKY counties rank top in state for drug overdose deaths

Yahoo! News

Featuring Matt Peterson

Drug user-turned-counselor tells his story of recovery

Recovery Stories: Caseys Law

Featuring Matt Peterson

Read the stories of real people who have used or been affected by Casey's Law and how it helped themselves or a loved one on their journey to recovery.

WCPO 9 News: Cincinnati News

Featuring Matt Peterson

How Matt Peterson, an addict since childhood, got sober and learned to help others

Courier Journal

Featuring Matt Peterson

Kentucky father takes son to court: 'It had to be done or we would have lost our son

The Addiction Series

Featuring Matt Peterson

Matt had an accident that opened his eyes to pain pills and later other substances. This is his story.

Cincinnati: The Enquirer

Featuring Matt Peterson

Look for needles before sending children on Easter egg hunts, anti-heroin advocates warn.


Featuring Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson is on the podcast and shares his story.

Casey's Law

Featuring Matt Peterson

Casey's Law speaking hope for recovery.

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